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High Performing Emails

Our Top 40 Email Templates

With over 21 years of combined experience and thousands of sent emails, these are the best emails we've ever written!

Just fill in the blanks and create emails in any niche! Watch the video for a quick demo and watch us create high performance emails in just seconds!

168 Effective Sales Letters

Even though it's the age of VIDEO - too many marketers are ignoring one of the best ways to sell someone - WRITTEN WORDS.

As a matter of fact, it's more effective to use a written sales letter for LOW TICKET products, but sales letters can cost you $10,000+ for a good one. Well, not anymore!

Powerfully Written Sales Letters

Profit Boosting Upsells

20 Upsells - DONE!

The #1 way to increase your customer value at the very beginning is by adding in a funnel of amazing upsells.

However, 90% of marketers will avoid this.

Why? Copy!

Well, not anymore! We've added our best converting formula and 20 pre-written upsells for you.

12 Downsells - DONE!

What do you do if you offer someone a product and they say 'no'? What if they try to leave your site?


Downsells have their own formula. They are very simple but require just the right words. We've created these for you!

Sales-Saving Downsells

Bottom line, any copy you need to build your ENTIRE funnel is 100% done for you. All you need to do is just choose your niche and you're off to the races!

100% Cloud Based

Available for PC and Mac

Just One Payment Of $297

Over 240 High-Converting Copy In Over 12 Categories - Immediately Available...

From the Desk of Anik Singal & Jimmy Kim

Anik Singal

Jimmy Kim

We have had the honor of teaching and working with over 100,000 Internet Marketers just in the last few years. Recently we did a thorough survey of our students and we found the following 12 niches...These were not only the most popular but also the most profitable...

You can now download copy for each of these niches. You can personalize the copy and be in business within just minutes!

We have put in well over 20 hours of research per niche. Our research not only made full use of our master formulas for copywriting, however, we also took time to analyze:

  • The top converting funnels in every niche...
  • Specific market research for each niche...
  • Special industry lingo and jargon that we used in the copy!
  • Particular benefits and pain points that are personal to that niche!

Each copy has been written with great research and market in mind. We didn't just blindly use our formula and make it stretch to all niches. The formula was personalized based on the specific market!

After Delivering 3.2 Billion Emails - Here's Our Top 50!

In addition to including copy for product sales pages, we decided to also add some of our most powerful EMAILS. It's not secret that an Email list can be the #1 monetary hub of an online business. Well, now, you can simply copy and paste our most profitable Emails!

You're now about to have to major advantages when it comes to copy...

#1 - We have a combined 21 years of experience & thousnds of copy written...

#2 - We've helped deliver over 3.2 Billion Emails!

The first part is pretty self-explanatory.

Considering how long we've been Email Marketers, we've written thousands of Emails and analyzed each and every one. You're now about to have the advantage by all our data.

We know which of our Emails work the best - We're literally ready to hand them to you on a silver platter!

Now, the second part of it is the part you probably don't know.

What we've learned after delivering 3.2 Billion Emails...

We collectively started a company called Sendlane about 3 years ago. Today, it has over 20,000 users and has delivered over 3.2 BILLION Emails.

Every day our team evaluates the best Emails and the best trends. We have automatically built these into the Emails we're about to hand to you!

After Exact Model, you'll never have to worry about Emails again - We are giving you our best 50, they're 100% done for you (and optimized for the best performance)!

Just fill in the blanks and you'll be ready to go!

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100% Cloud Based

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Just One Payment Of $297

2 Minute LIVE Demo

Watch Us "Write" Incredible Copy For a Niche We Know Nothing About - In Just Minutes!

No better way to prove something than to accept a MAJOR challenge!

Watch the video below and you'll see us create incredible copy - all in a niche we know NOTHING about!

Ready to start the timer?

Each High-Converting Copy Could Cost You Over $250 Each!

It's one thing that you can now have absolute speed of execution. That has it's own value! But take a moment to think what GOOD copy will cost you?

Most copywriters worth anything will charge a minimum of $100 an hour. Copywriters such as myself (Anik Singal) would charge at least $2,000 an hour. That should give you a range of the value of this copy.

Now, if someone is going to create copy that is actually well thought out and has a chance at succeeding, they're going to be looking at a minimum investment of 2 to 3 hours.

Right there, even a semi-good copywriter at $100 an hour will end up costing you over $250 PER Copy. But, we can save you all that today - 100% of it!

Over 240 pieces of copy - today, yours for LIFE - just get started with Exact Model!

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for Exact Model

100% Cloud Based

Available for PC and Mac

Just One Payment Of $297

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Ethically Steal Over 240 of The Best Converting Copies

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  • 50% discount right now
  • 12 niches
  • 240+ content pieces
  • Over 21 years of experience + $140 Million in Sales has results in the copies inside Exact Model
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Let's do some quick math.

Remember, I'm being conservative. Some of the best copywriting can actually take a writer much longer (hence costing you much more). But, for a minute, let's assume:

Each Copy = $250

Each Email = $100

Now, you're getting:

200 templates x $250 a piece is $50,000

40 email templates x $100 piece is $4,000

That's over $54,000 in REAL Value that we've combined with Exact Model. This is not made up or "marketing talke". Between the amazing software and the brilliant copywriting, we have actually invested far more than $54,000!

But, of course you're not going to pay any bit of that.

We realize that we could have easily charged $2000 for Exact Model and many of you wouldn't even BLINK and eye. Why? Because you know the sheer value of brilliant copywriting. But, today, we're doing something crazy. See, initially we had agreed to bring the Investment down to just $597.

We figured $597 because that would allow us to recover our costs at a fair investment for you. However, just for now - as we launch Exact Model to the market, we're giving away a 50% discount!

So, today, you're about to get LIFETIME full access to Exact Model for just a one time investment of $297 - that's over 50% off the price. This is a very limited time discount that is set to expire at any time!

You're getting 200 fully written templates, that's written sales letters, video sales letters, upsells, downsells - the full works...

Plus on top of the 200 templates, you're getting our best converting 40 Emails - all fill in the blanks and done for you!


  • No royalties
  • No future billing
  • You have 100% rights
  • You can even write copy for others...you have unlimited rights!

Exact Model allows you to build an UNLIMITED number of funnels and digital products, while removing the #1 hardest part of the process - copywriting!

This 50% discount truly has to go very soon, so take this opportunity right away and click the button below, get instant access to Exact Model today!

Take this opportunity to basically tap our 21+ years of experience, $150 Million+ in sales and imagine having us virtually writing YOUR copy!

We can't wait to start working with you.

Thank you so much & happy online business building!

Exact Model

Jimmy Kim & Anik Singal

Claim your 50% Discount
for Exact Model

100% Cloud Based

Available for PC and Mac

Just One Payment Of $297

The Top Questions We Get About Exact Model

  • 1

    Are there any future costs or royalties to pay?

    None. You'll pay nothing to us. It's just a one time payment for access and you can use the templates and emails as much as you want. You can even SELL them as your own.

  • 2

    Won't these copies lose their effect if too many people get their hands on it?

    Not at all. We actually made them unique in every way. We give you the template to follow and the knowledge. Your "fill in the blanks" will make each one UNIQUE.

  • 3

    How is Exact Model different from the other copywriting script systems out there?

    There is an old saying when you give a man a fish, they eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish, they eat for a lifetime. We're TEACHING YOU how to fish while giving you the fish at the same time. Exact Model gives you the hand held assistance while providing you a ture turn key solution to creating emails and sales templates.

  • 4

    Is this a software I have to download to my computer?

    Nope! It's Cloud Based - that means it's "web based", which means there is nothing to download and you can access it from any computer or mobile device.

  • 5

    Is there a limit to how many copies I can take from the system?

    ZERO. You can do whatever you want with the templates and messaging you create.

  • 6

    How does this system actually help me LEARN how to write copy?

    If you watched the demo, it requires you to read while you fill in the blanks. The idea of repetition and working WITH the software is the key to learning. We help you learn and create high converting professional sales messaging!

  • 7

    What if I need copy for a niche outside the 12 categories you have covered? What are the EXACT niches?

    One of the categories is a "generic" template where you can fill it in with any type of words and language. The idea is simple. Sales messaging is formatted similarly across any niche, It's just the words, so following our generic templates will achieve a sales message for ANY niche. Here's the actual breakdown of niches: Internet Marketing, Social Media, Personal Development, Weight Loss, Dating ,Coaching, Finance, Real Estate, MLM, Business, Seminar, Tattoo, Bridal, Martial Art, Dentist, Barber, Publishing, Chiropractor, Arthritis, Hair Loss, Smoking, Health Remedy ,Skin Care, Diabetes, Language, Authors, Thrift Garage, Dog Training, Triathlon, Baseball, Basketball, Poker, Gaming, & Fishing

  • 8

    How long will this 50% discount be available?

    This is a special limited time offer for new members only during our limited release. We will be raising the price to $597 as our software is easily worth at least that or more. Don't hesitate, take advantage now!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We also want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking the risk for you. You will get an entire 30 days to give the program a try. If you give our system a try and you decide it's not for you, we'll happily give you ALL your money back.

This is a 100% no-risk 30 day guarantee.

We're here to support you, and unless we AMAZE you with our product, we won't keep a penny of your money. If at any point you are unhappy in those 30 days, please shoot us an email. We will quickly send you every penny back. No questions asked.

Claim your 50% Discount
for Exact Model

100% Cloud Based

Available for PC and Mac

Just One Payment Of $297